Who’s this?

Sometimes I let people call me by the wrong name repeatedly.  But for the record, I am Danara.  I live in Ohio, and I work as Marketing Coordinator at the local tourism bureau.  What is there to do in Ohio?  Well, there’s the local Walmarts and meth.  I love Ohio the way you love a partner of thirty-some years.  I see the flaws along with the special little marks that make this place my own.  The power of a sunset is not lost on me.  When I started working on an MFA, I didn’t know that existing in this place with these people would so strongly influence my writing.  But it does.  I graduated from University of Southern Maine Stonecoast in January of 2015.  Writing short stories about making life work, about surviving when the only other option is not surviving anymore, is kind of my jam right now.  But how can I ignore how completely absurd life is at times?  I can’t, and that’s why I started this blog.  There are a lot of days that will make a person cry, so let’s choose to laugh until those poopstorms, poopnados if you will, develop on our horizon.  When I’m not writing or working, I’m crocheting, yogaing, traveling, napping…you name it, and I’ll try it with an -ing at the end.  Except sky diving, bungee jumping, or anything that may result in messy dying.

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